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Get Notified When New Projects Are Posted...


Because our lives are so busy, our amazing web guy has launched the ability for volunteers to receive notifications when a project is posted based on its type or zip code! These notifications can be sent as normal emails, as well as text messages! Check out the "Edit Notifications" button on the top of the Dashboard or "Edit Profile". It also appears when the top yellow bar drops down (after you've logged in).

Introducing: The RePurpose Place of NeighborLink


We started NeighborLink Porter County six years ago. Since that time, our volunteers have completed
almost 400 projects!. We have been looking for a way to build some capacity into our organization and we have decided to open a retail store that will sell gently used, donated, building materials! This will allow us to continue to support the mission of NeighborLink Porter County which we feel so passionate about. And it will help the environment by keeping many items out of the landfills. Here is what Beth said about her recent experience with NeighborLink; "I am thankful NeighborLink was in my corner when I needed help. I look forward to giving back to this amazing non-profit organization to help be in someone else's corner and to help NeighborLink be all it can be!"

We are so excited about this new adventure! We have prayed about this every step of the way and will continue to walk through each door that is opened to us. We need your to help us get this project off the ground! You can help in several ways!

Here are a few of the things we will be looking for:

Gently used working, appliances
Gently used non-stained furniture
Plumbing Materials
Roofing Materials
Lawn Mowers
Flat Screen Tv's

Remember: These items need to be gently used and it good working order so that they can be sold to the public in order to support NeighborLink.

Here are a few ways that you can help:

If you have always wanted to help NeighborLink but just weren't sure where to start, maybe this would be a good fit for you. Please contact us if you would be willing to volunteer at the store. We need people to help run the shop and to clean, sort and display merchandise.

While we don't have a grand opening date yet, our tentative hours of operation will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10-4 and Saturday 9-2. Come in to see if you can find a bargain!

Are you gifted in the art of Repurposing? Maybe you could take some of the merchandise from the store and make it into something beautiful!

Spread The Word:
Could you share this newsletter with your friends? "Like" our Facebook page and tell your friends? Do you know of builders or contractors who might like to donate?

We need to start filling the building which is located at 102 Beverly Dr. in Chesterton. It's right on Calumet down from the Round The Clock Restaurant. We are tentatively planning on being there from 9:00-noon this Saturday if you have anything you would like to donate. Please let us know so that we can plan accordingly.

Please pray for us throughout this endeavor!

In Him,

It's Here! The New Website Is Here!


We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our NL friends in Fort Wayne for this amazing new website and to Brett Meyer of 3River Development and Josh Tuck from Rusbelt Co. for all of their hard work and dedication. There are many other people who donated their time and talents and we appreciate them and the many, many hours that went into this project.

Below are some of the key changes you can expect with this new website:


View Projects Wizard: The view project list of old became hard to sort and we knew we needed make some project management improvements. Now, when you visit the View Projects page, you'll see two different navigation options to get to the projects.

  1. Choose Your Adventure - If you click on the icons to the left, it will lead you through a series of project discovery pages that are designed to help you quickly find a list of projects that fit your skills, abilities, and even your zip code location preferences. If you proceed through the steps, you could technically find a list of projects that cover all the lawn mowing projects in 46304. That way, the rest of the project list is invisible to you and you only see what you want to see.
  2. Advanced Wizard - The boxes on the right will become your best friend as you get more comfortable with the website. You can use the search box like a search engine and enter the keywords you're looking for. Want mowing projects, just enter "mowing." The rest of the check boxes do what the choose your adventure icons do, but in a quicker way. Want to see all the projects like before, just click on the "New Search" button.
  3. Previously Viewed Projects - That new Advanced Wizard keeps track of the projects you've been looking at for easy reference. So, if you're looking at a couple of projects, you can always go there to easily navigate back to it.

Volunteer Registration Process: We've combined the "Coach" Account with the "Volunteer" Account after 6 years of having the different categories. It was one of the biggest causes of confusion with our process we've learned. We found that individuals didn't know which account to sign up for and would choose the easy route by default. Coaches used to be the only ones that were able to see the full details of the project and select projects to complete. Our Volunteers were only able to join the projects that were being led by Coaches. In an effort to simplify things, there is only one category of Volunteers moving forward.

From now on, everyone that registered will be asked to provide more information on why they want to join us at NeighborLink as a volunteer. Once approved, all volunteers will be able to see the project information and be able to select projects. We've changed the terminology a bit to simplify things, but increased our requirements for all volunteers. We believe this move will help us create a stronger and active core of volunteers.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you previously had a Volunteer Account, you'll temporarily be a Basic Member in the new website. Once you try to login, you'll be prompted to fill out some additional information so we can re-approve your account under the new Volunteer Registration process. Also, if you haven't logged into the website since before the beginning of 2013, you account has been removed as we attempt to have a more accurate database. Please re-register.


Homepage ReDesign: We revamped the homepage to bring more "life" to the homepage. We realized that our website is full of a lot of information about what needs fixed, but doesn't tell you much of the story of what's been done already. So, we've re-oriented the homepage to bring you more of the story that is unfolding on a regular basis as well as continue to provide you easy navigation to get where you want to do.

Icons: You'll see brand new project icons throughout the website. We know people navigate better and faster when there are visual prompts. We hope they'll bring some life to the website as well as help you identify the projects you're looking for much quicker when searching. We've got some fun ideas in store for the future with them.

Individual Project Page: We've re-designed the project page in order to help you see the full details and understand how to better manage the project. This page will continue to be a work in progress as more and more users are active. However, we believe this is a great improvement over the previous page layout.

Add A Project: We've gone back to a multi-step project posting process for individuals that post projects for the first time. We were realizing that many were skipping over things and having a harder time understanding what to do with just a one page layout that created an account and posted a project at the same time.

Fund Projects: We've had great success with our Crowdfunding tool the past couple of years and we're making strides to improve that tool for our users. You can find those projects either through the navigation bar or through the View Projects page. Every donation made to one of those projects go directly to purchasing materials for that project.

Fundraiser Page: Want to do a fundraiser for NeighborLink? Give up your birthday, run a mini-marathon, do a fund drive, or whatever your imagination comes up with. We can process your donations through our Crowdfunding tool. Login in to your dashboard and look for the donate button in the toolbar.

Countless Behind the Scenes Improvements: There are hundreds of improvements made to our databases and how the website was built that will greatly improve the overall functionality. Unless you're into web development tech speak, you'll not find those details quite a thrilling.

We have a long list of new improvements to be launched in Phase 2 and 3 this year. We're going to give our web development team a few weeks to take a break and then we'll be back to the grind. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the new website. If you have questions or see things that aren't quite right, click that support link at the bottom of the page and let us know.

Please take a few minutes and see if there is a neighbor in need near you.

Welcome To Our New Blog


In an effort to keep it simple, we will be telling the NeighborLink Porter County stories here and sharing about all things NeighborLink.  We are excited that you are here and hope that you will be touched by the stories of our recipients.  May God richly bless you for all you do for others in the name of Christ!

In Him,

Judy Alders

Executive Director