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Project #2322: Plumbing and electrical or general handyman needed


I need someone who can install a bathroom light on the wall in the bathroom. I need someone who can shut off the water and take the old bathroom vanity and sink out and put in the new vanity and sink and re-hook up the water. I need someone who can help or can install peel and stick flooring in the bathroom. Bathroom is small but may need painted too. This house belongs to my son. Someone thought they were helping him by redoing the bathroom, but they got in over their head. My son is recently diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin Lymphoma) chemo and radiation start next week. My grandkids have been away for awhile due to a divorce in process, they are coming August 13th and currently the bathroom is not usable without the new light, and new vanity/sink and peel and stick flooring installed. My son has no time and is sick. I canít leave the bathroom this way with the kids coming home on August 13. Thank you in advance if anyone can help.


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