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Project #2325: Flooring. Need someone to install peel and stick flooring or other type of flooring if theyd prefer


Need someone to install new peel and stick flooring or any other type of flooring if installer feels something else would work better. Someone thought they were helping my son but they were in over their head and dumped an entire can of paint all over the peel and stick flooring in the bathroom that had just been installed by my daughter a few months ago. My daughter has moved away so I have no one to put in new flooring in the bathroom again. My son was recently diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin Lymphoma) he is not going to be able to do the flooring or any of the other repairs this small bathroom now needs. Ive listed the jobs needed in separate requests on Neighborlink. I need someone who can install flooring in the bathroom or a handyman or contractor that can do all of the things Ive listed in other requests and here. My grandkids are coming back August 13th and I have to have this bathroom repaired before the kids come home. Thank you in advance if anyone can help.


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