Love your neighbor.

Videos: The Power in Showing Up

Pastor Joe Johns, Fellowship Missionary Church and NeighborLink Board Member, shares the significance in showing up. So much of NeighborLink is about us giving ourselves over to God to be used to participate in the kingdom. God is inviting us into his work of renewing all things.

God is renewing the world through people, and NeighborLink gives us all the opportunity to show up in the places around the city that least resemble what life is like when the King is in charge. Joe is calling us to go to those place in faith and act like Jesus tells us to act when he's in charge.

This video is part of our ongoing effort equip our volunteers by sharing the heart, mission and motivation for why NeighborLink is doing what it does in communities around the country.

Texts: 2Cor 5:16-21 - John 1:14 - Matt 6:10