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Project #1876: Removal of Awning
There is a cast iron railing around the porch that was also attached to the awning and porch. The railing came off of the porch due to wind and the awning is now hanging part way off the house as it is no longer supported. The family would like the a...
Project #1875: Needs Nipsco Pole Replaced
The pole for Nipsco fell down on the this woman's home. She can buy the pole at Menards, it just needs to be put back up. Please call if you can help
Project #1874: Front Door Replaced
Thus woman's front door was kicked in. She needs to have it replaced. Please call if you can help
Project #1873: Furnace stopped working
This woman's furnace stopped working.
Project #1872: Needs A Ramp For Two Steps
This woman needs a ramp at her duplex for two steps. Please call if you can help

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