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Project #2343: 100 for prescription eyeglasses
I need 100 dollars to pay for my prescription eyeglasses. I am disabled and homeless, i just found out that my headaches are because i have degenerative eye disease. So my eyes are working overtime.
Project #2347: Senior Needs Drywall Replaced
This senior needs a couple of pieces of her drywall replaced. She fears mold will set it and that will be very bad for her
Project #2348: Senior Needs Porch Fixed
This woman has a wood porch that needs repaired as its not safe to walk on.
Project #2349: Needs Brakes Repaired on 99 Silverado
This senior needs brakes repaired on her 99' Chevy Silverado. Please call if you can help
Project #2352: This woman needs help getting a shed put up
This woman has a 10x8 shed that she needs put up on her property. It is metal and has a wood base. Please call if you can help.
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