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Project #2190: Needs Help With Lawn
This woman had a broken collar bone and can't start her lawn mower. Please call if you could help with her small lawn
Project #2189: Senior Needs Rides
This 89 year old senior isn't driving anymore, but would appreciate getting out of the house once or twice a week. Please call if you can help her. She lives in Valpo near Vale Park
Project #2188: Single mother just looking to get to work safe to take care of my two kids. Broke down car
I was driving home from work and I spun out about four times on the highway and a car hit me. Something popped and I believe it was the back ball joint and it caused the two back tires to go flat or pop. I work but I donít receive any help as far as ...
Project #2187: Leaking Pipe Under Trailer
This woman has a leaking pipe under her trailer that is making her bathroom floor wet. Please call if you can take a look at it
Project #2186: Water Heater Not Working
This senior man has a water heater that isn't working. Please call if you can take a look at it.

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