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Project #1734: Needs A Small Area Of Concrete Poured for Wheelchair
This family can pay for materials, but needs help laying the footers. There is a wide lip and the wheelchair can't make it over. Please call if you can help.
Project #1733: 83 Years Old, needs help with grass
This woman needs help getting her grass mowed for the rest of the summer. She does not have a mower available. Please call if you can help.
Project #1732: Needs Help Moving A Few Items
This woman is an AVID volunteer. She needs to move before the end of the month. She is moving within Valpo. She has some clothes, a bed, a couch a desk, some boxes and a lamp or two. She has no one. She will have a truck lined up. PLEASE CALL I...
Project #1731: Needs A Furnace
This gentleman moved into a trailer that didn't have a furnace. Please call if you can help or you can help advocate on his behalf.
Project #1730: Needs A Water Heater
This gentleman recently moved into a trailer that doesn't have a water heater. Please call if you can help or advocate on his behalf

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