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Project #2062: This family needs a new septic system
This family's septic system needs to be replaced. They aren't able to shower or use much water in the home at all. It has to be pumped every few days and that costs $200. This is draining the family. If you can help this family at all, it would ...
Project #2061: Needs Furnace Looked At
This woman needs her furnace looked at
Project #2060: Transportation
This senior needs a ride to University of Chicago on April 10th at 10am.
Project #2059: Needs House Painted
This woman has wood siding and needs to have the house painted. She can't do it herself, please call if you can help
Project #2055: RePurpose Place Truck
The RePurpose Place truck has logged many miles on the highways and bi-ways of Porter County, collecting donations from our neighbors. However, it seems to be missing some action points explaining who we are and what we do. We have $500.00 available...

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