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Project #2556: Needs Help With Snow Shoveling
This two senior women will need help getting snow shoveled this winter. Please call if you can help.
Project #2557: I have a serious leak in an area on my roof
Can someone please come look at it and tell me what I should do. It is probably going to collapse if I donít have it fixed. Please❓
Project #2560: Need working gas washer
Hi I have a old gas washer doesnt run correctly I have had fixed many times I have a good dryer and no extra money for laundromat
Project #2562: Water Pipes Need Reconnected To Water Heater
This woman needs some help getting her water heater hooked back up. The water lines were leaking into the home. Please call if you can help
Project #2565: Needs A Car Donated
This gentleman had to scrap his car and is in need of a new one, please call if you have one to donate
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