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Project #2427: Tree removal
We have five pines in our yard that are 30 years old. We are senior citizens that have health conditions - cancer - back problems and the cleanup alone is unbelievable. Need help to take them down.
Project #2428: Help a single parent in need
I am a single parent w a adult child w emotional disabilities. He stays in our finished basement but we had a flooding and I have no insurance to cover repairs. I had a decent fulltime job but lost it and currently work 2 part time lower paying jobs ...
Project #2429: Mobile Home Roof Leaking at Addition
I have noticed that it is leaking inside during heavy rains. I am not sure of the type of roof it ha on it but believe it to be shingled. The home is a 1980/81 Rochester with a small addition added on. Where the two are connected is where it is leaki...
Project #2430: Helping elderly sick neighbor
Helping her help herself. She has no washer or. Dryer. Her daughter took them.2 weeks later she brought my neighbor back but none of the stuff. This was months ago. My neighbors car, washer, dryer, and a bedroom set are missing. I ask her about it an...
Project #2431: I am in need of a working refrigerator. I have had one for over 5 years that was giving to me.
Fridge has been leaking water under it for a while now. I was able to get one give to me from a site but can not use it. All the selfs and door bars are missing in it. My fridge is starting to ruin the floor. I am not looking anything fancy at all, j...
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