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Project #1860: Has A Roof That is Leaking In Her Trailer
This woman has a roof that is leaking into her home. Please call if you can help with repairs.
Project #1859: Needs Backroom Painted
This woman needs help getting her backroom painted. Please call if you can help
Project #1858: Needs Electrical Help
This woman's refrigerator isn't staying cold. This is her second one, so she feels like it has something to do with the electrical. Please call her if you can take a look at it.
Project #1857: Needs Driveway Shoveled...
This woman needs her driveway shoveled or plowed. She has Dr appointments that she is missing. Please call if you can help
Project #1852: Home Reapairs
Need Bathroom Completely Re Done Needs Sink New Walls And Flooring New Floor Also Need New Flooring Through House And Need New Front Door Need Painting And Need New Windows Have No Materials

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