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Get Notified When New Projects Are Posted...

Because our lives are so busy, our amazing web guy has launched the ability for volunteers to receive notifications when a project is posted based on its type or zip code! These notifications can be sent as normal emails, as well as text messages! Ch...

Introducing: The RePurpose Place of NeighborLink

We started NeighborLink Porter County six years ago. Since that time, our volunteers have completed almost 400 projects!. We have been looking for a way to build some capacity into our organization and we have decided to open a retail store that will...

It's Here! The New Website Is Here!

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our NL friends in Fort Wayne for this amazing new website and to Brett Meyer of 3River Development and Josh Tuck from Rusbelt Co. for all of their hard work and dedication. There are many other people who d...

Welcome To Our New Blog

In an effort to keep it simple, we will be telling the NeighborLink Porter County stories here and sharing about all things NeighborLink.  We are excited that you are here and hope that you will be touched by the stories of our recipients.  May God r...

Featured Projects

Project #1646: Needs A New Furnace

The furnace in this woman's home is shot. Please call if you can help with replacing it.

Project #1645: Roofing

I have a rubber membrane roof on a old mobile home......has small holes and areas that are leaking into the inside of my home....causing some mold...I have Lung cancer and dont want the chance of further illness due to mold and dampness....I can assi...

Project #1644: Needs Roof Replaced

This woman needs the roof replaced on her double wide mobile home. The roof is metal. She is desperate as water is leaking into the home. Please call if you can help.

Project #1643: Porch Clean up

Back porch. For months it did not have back door (as storm toppled tree into door) dust, debris and critters did a lot of damage ..but basically needs good cleaning and "garbage" thrown out. If want to see "project" I can take pixs and send.

Project #1642: Need help

I need a reclining chair for my apartment my mother just past away on the 5th and I was living with her but most the furniture is ruined I desperately need a recliner I've been donated a couch I just need a chair now can someone please help?