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Project #1712: Bathroom
We live in a mobile home with three kids and are tiolet is in need of repair the screws are rusted and loose we can not get them off I am out of work due to medical issues. We do not have the income to get a new toilet or know how to do it and had su...
Project #1711: Helpless
I am about to be homeless I have a 15 ur old son that is trying to get a job. It's heartbreaking! I haven't been able to work recently due to medical issues my vehicle is impounded can't afford to get it out... I am willing to work but I need help I ...
Project #1710: Situation needed
Needing a camping site, cabin, set up r/v that is going unused but reasonable prices. It's needed for regrouping and having a stable environment to look for apartment and not having to grab apt. or house that's to much or to small.Need that type of o...
Project #1708: Septic
Pump in overflow tank is not working
Project #1706: Single mom of 4 needs help
I own a double wide and I have flooring issues.The hallway and my bathroom are the worst.There's a hole in my bathroom floor and my toilet is about to fall through the floor.And my toilet is broken.I have 4 kids ages 14,11,10,1 1/2 yrs old I'm a cna ...

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