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Project #1986: Fridge not staying cold
My fridge is now not staying cold. Im in desperate need of a working fridge to keep my son's insulin cold. If anyone can is welcomed
Project #1985: Needs A Wheelchair Ramp
This woman needs a wheelchair ramp installed. Please call if you can help
Project #1983: Senior's furnace isn't working
This gentleman needs a new furnace
Project #1982: Needs To Take Cat To Vet
This woman needs to take her cat to the vet. She lives near Burns Harbor and needs to take the cat to Porter. She has to go on November 14th at 9:00am. She has a bit of a hearing problem, so if you leave a message for her, please speak slowly. S...
Project #1981: Needs A New Roof On House
This Mother and Son desperately need a new roof on put on their house. It is leaking into the home and has caved in in some others. Please call if you can help.

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