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Project #1821: Needs Duct Work Under Trailer
This woman just had a new furnace installed in her trailer, but she is missing about 5-6 ft of duct work. She doesn't have heat in the bathroom or bedroom. Please call if you can help
Project #1820: Senior Needs Help Getting Leaves Raked in Trailer Park lot
This senior needs help getting her leaves raked, please call if you can help!
Project #1819: Needs A Ride To Walmart
This senior needs a ride to Walmart. Please call her if you are going and would be able to take her!
Project #1818: Tree Limb Removal
There is a large, high tree limb that I cannot reach. If it ever breaks, there is a good chance it may land on my house causing significant damage. If someone would be able to remove the limb, I would greatly appreciate it.
Project #1817: Needs Over Rapaied
This woman's stove is emitting carbon monoxide

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