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My stove hood is old - the fan doesn't work on it anymore. I have the new hood. I thought I could install it myself but instead I fell. My legs are too unsteady to do it. So, if anyone knows how to do this I really could use the help. (The hood ...
Project #2527: Needs A Few Boards Replaced on her porch
This woman needs some old wood replaced on her porch. Please call her if you can help
Project #2528: Needs New Trim Around a Window
This woman has some trim that needs replaced around her window, please call if you can help
Project #2529: Needs Storm Door Replaced
This woman has a storm door that needs replaced. Please call if you can help
Project #2530: Need help with dryer not heating up
I bought a used dryer a few months worked fine. But now it's no longer heating up? It's a newer dryer. I'm asking if anyone can possibly fix it that would be great.
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