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Project #1833: Needs Snow removed
This gentleman is very ill and has a nurse come in 3 times a week. He needs someone to come and snowblow his driveway so that everyone can be safe. He has a snow blower that needs to be fired up. Please call if you can help.
Project #1832: Needs A New Furnace
This gentleman's heat exchanger has gone out on his furnace and is no longer in use. He needs a new one. He can contribute about $800, but he needs about $1400 more. Please donate if you can.
Project #1831: Heating needed
I have never done this before so here goes. I am in need of a furnace and I have quotes. The total cost of the project is $5,500. I am able to afford $2,500. I am disabled and I have two grandchildren that live with me. I have called other agenc...
Project #1830: Needs A Furnace
This woman has a four year old and currently has no furnace. Please call if you can help
Project #1827: Shower Surround
Shower Surround removal and replacement. Can pay within her budget, Cant afford most plumber estimates. Safety has become issue.

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