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Project #2109: Please help i bought my own vechicle finally yesterday and got into accident need help getting it fixed n out of the storage place cuz it had to be towed
Yesterday i bought a car i have been saving for yrs to buy my own car and i got it yesterday and got hit i only have liability and they wont fix my car. Please i need a car i have a part time job i cant get too. Have grandbabies to see n i need a car...
Project #2108: Needs Windows and Steps
This family is in need of new windows and a wheel chair ramp
Project #2107: Needs New Windows
This senior is needing windows for her home.
Project #2106: Faucet isnt working properly
The faucet isn't working properly under the sink
Project #2105: Needs Ceiling Tiles Replaced
This woman has a few ceiling tiles that need replaced from past storms.

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