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Project #1977
I need some parts put on my vehicle. Vehicle was overheating and I replaced radiator, cooling fans and motors, hoses, fuses, relays, and sensor. Was told that the water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, and heater core need replacement. I already have...
Project #1976: Needs A Wheelchair Ramp
These two women need a wheelchair ramp.
Project #1975: Needs Furnace Installed
This man bought a brand new furnace and needs someone to install it.
Project #1974: Need help changing brakes
Need help with changing front brakes we have warranty on the front brakes. Brakes are paid for, they just need help getting them put on. We have a 2006 Ford Fusion.
Project #1973: Need Help Moving Food Pantry
This organization needs help moving a food pantry in Valpo.

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