Thank You for Volunteering!

Below you’ll find useful information and answers to many of your questions. Still looking for help? Feel free to reach out and we’ll make sure you get the answers you need!

Projects Can Be Selected by You

Well done! You’ve signed up to volunteer with NeighborLink… so what comes next? You can now browse for projects based on several factors, including distance or project type. Once you find an opportunity that stands out, make sure to select it. While many projects don’t require the homeowner to be present, it’s always important to reach out and communicate the day and time you’ll be coming by.

Projects Can Be Selected by Us

Not sure how your skills and strengths can be utilized? Have a large group to manage? No worries! We can find a great project that suits your needs just fine. Reach out and let us do the rest.

Who Provides Equipment and Materials?

One of the greatest barriers to helping neighbors in need is the lack of resources our volunteers may have. But have no fear! We have just about everything you’d ever need for a project listed on our website. From trash bags and gloves to mowers, trimmers, and post-hole diggers, we’ll make sure to drop the necessary items off in time for you to use them. Just make sure to coordinate with us so we’re all on the same page!

What if I Need Help on or During a Project?

Want to take on a project but need an extra pair of hands? Have a question that comes up while you’re onsite? Not sure what to do with all those bags of leaves? Have no fear….we’re here to help, no matter the situation!

What if I Can’t Make it to a Project?

We get it. Sometimes the unexpected happens. No need to fret, though. Simply log into your account, choose the project that is affected, and make the necessary adjustments. Just make sure to communicate with the neighbor if they are expecting you at a specific time.

Are Children Allowed to Help?

We love to see young people volunteering alongside adults! Many projects, such as lawn care, leaf raking, and snow removal, are ideal for a wide variety of ages. For these, we do require adult supervision. For other project types, please contact us first.

What if I See an Unmet Need While Volunteering?

It’s not uncommon for volunteers to spot an unrequested need while onsite. If it’s within your power to help, feel free to speak with the homeowner about it, gain their permission, and take care of it. Likewise, if you see a nearby neighbor in need of similar help (lawn care or snow removal, for example), it’s always a good opportunity to help. For project needs that are too big, complicated, or require additional materials, you can create a new project for them online or contact us for help.

What Do I Do After a Project is Completed?

Great work! Little acts of kindness make great big impacts. The next step is to log in and update the project you just finished up. Marking it as complete is important on our end. For many projects, uploading a photo is beneficial as well. It doesn’t have to be flashy, just a way to document a well-done project in the books.

Are There Any Religious Restrictions on Who Can Help/Be Helped?

As followers of Christ, we believe we’re called to love and serve our neighbors without question. Our desire is that all will see His goodness and mercy because of the love our volunteers express on each and every project. 

How Do You Decide Which Projects Go Online?

Every project that comes our way gets placed on our website. While we make no restrictions on project types, this does not mean that every project will be selected or completed by a volunteer.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

We are a “Volunteer at Your Own Risk” organization and do not have insurance to cover volunteer injuries. If you and/or your team members do not carry personal insurance, choose your projects wisely. We’d be happy to discuss this further if you have questions or concerns about taking on projects.

How are Projects Funded?

Each project is unique. Volunteer labor is always free, but our material costs are covered from four basic sources: donations given directly to NeighborLink from outside organizations and individuals, homeowners receiving help, churches, and volunteers. While we prefer to have project recipients cover all or most of the material costs, we are willing to work with each person on a case-by-case basis.

Are There Any Forms I Need to Fill Out First?

Yes, there are. Waiver Forms can be accessed by Coaches on each project page. Waiver Forms must be signed by the project recipient. This releases them from personal injuries that could take place on their properties and will release you/us from any property damage that could take place due to our work.